Todd currently has courses on offer at the Actor’s Centre in London and also provides acting coaching, improv workshops and other cooperative trainings.


Todd provides acting coaching on a one-to-one basis, scene study and audition preparation. He also provides coaching and video productions assistance for self-tape auditions.


“There’s No ‘I’ in Improvisation”

This is a basic, fundamentals course taught over the course of six hours in a day. It is designed to take absolute beginners and novices through a range of improv games, rules and techniques right up to basic performance. This class is structured to provide a foundation in the concept and understanding of performance level improvisation.

Understand and develop the basic fundamentals of Improvisation skills and technique.
Participants will learn to build the four cornerstones of good performance: AGREE AND ACCEPT – add/contribute (“yes, and”); OBSERVE – listen and react with sharpness, clarity and confidence; TEAMWORK – become an integral part of the ensemble/group and work together towards a common goal; FLOW – break out of your comfort zone, enjoy and gain ready access to all the tools in your talent toolbox.
This fun course is designed for all levels of improv experience. We will start with the basics and introduce training methods used at The Groundlings (Los Angeles) and work our way up to performing improvisation scenes. You will be taken through exercises that will not only improve how you do in castings and performances but can help you improve in personal relationships as well as start you on the path to becoming a performance level long-form improviser.



Todd has been working professionally in entertainment for over 20 years and has been on every type of film, television, video, print and commercial set around the world. He has worked with French, Russian, U.S., British, Icelandic, Czech, German, South African, and more crews and with some of the industry’s biggest named actors, directors and producers.

This discussion and discovery course takes students through the ins-and-outs of working on a professional film/television set so they can arrive to work with knowledge and confidence.

Here are just a few points that we walk and talk our way through. Everything an actor should be prepared for after booking the job:

  • Industry terminology
  • Review genuine call-sheets and sides
  • Discuss crew job descriptions, duties and hierarchy
  • Travel situations (details, pick-ups, going abroad)
  • Costume fittings
  • Stunts
  • Entitlements
  • Payment (advice and cautions)
  • On set relationships (building and pitfalls)

So whether you are a novice anticipating your first job or a seasoned veteran looking for some tips and tricks, this course is right for you.

Drama schools often only train students how to bring out their best performance but after all, it is called “show-business” and having a good sense of how to move forward in this business with confidence is critical. An actor who is hired for a job is essentially being invited to be part of a “crew” and knowing where you can and should fit in on that crew is paramount to your success. There are many courses to help one find an agent, “nail the audition”, meet casting directors, etc. However, the average aspiring actor is seldom exposed to the actual day-to-day atmosphere of a working TV/Film set prior to booking the job. Getting onto a professional set with big names and bigger budgets can be intimidating. This course is designed to expose you to all you need to know between booking the job and arriving to work so that you come prepared. The performance is up to the actor but being confident when arriving to the set and working professionally is a major factor in continuing to get work and being invited back!